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Salesforce Service Cloud implemented into the heavily regulated wholesale water industry, with telephony and payment integration.

Business Water Specialists

The Challenge

Business water specialists, licensed by Ofwat, providing water retail services for all business customers’ water management needs.

In 2017, the largest competitive water retail market in the world opened for business, bringing the biggest change to the water sector since privatisation. With it, came the need to meet hundreds of regulatory and compliance requirements throughout the entire lifecycle of the customer journey.

The Solution

Salesforce Service Cloud, providing end to end case management for the support of the retail water customers, using a configurable rules engine to automatically detect potential and actual breaches in any regulation or compliance requirement. Integration with the telephony system to improve customer satisfaction, as well as payment gateway integration to assist with first-call response.

The People

Moving from a pure services industry to a competitive sales environment is going to be a challenge for any organisation. Having focused on service for so long, adoption of a core Service Cloud solution was not a problem in this case, but the idea that good service can and should result in better sales was a novel one. The customer relied on our experience to implement cross sales and service transformation in order to turn a service call into a potential sale, with the potential to take payment and complete the sale within the initial call.

The Result

An easy to maintain, compliant Service Cloud system that be scaled as more of the 1.2m potential customers are brought onto the platform.

This resulted in a cohesive solution across multiple areas of the organisation with all key benefits realised and a Salesforce Service Cloud platform to support future change and opportunities.

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