Seamless Integration With AWS Transfer Service

The Challenge

WDH was established in 2005 and is one of the UK’s largest social housing providers with over 32,000 homes across the Wakefield district and the North of England. As part of WDH’s wider digital transformation initiative, the team were looking to provide the capability to generate a survey request in an internal system based on a call being logged in Salesforce.

WDH wanted to generate a survey based on a call being received by their OneCALL team with the agent having the option to mark the call for survey purposes.

The following requirements were included:

  • To log a call in Salesforce.
  • To raise a request for a follow up survey using the internal survey tool.
  • To generate a file in a proprietary format for upload to the survey tool.
  • To forward a generated survey file via SFTP to the internal survey tool staging area.
  • To update the records in Salesforce once the file had been generated.
  • To securely store the credentials used to make the SFTP connection.
  • To report on surveys generated over different time periods.

The Solution

We addressed these requirements and delivered a solution over a three-week period. We initially evaluated several options and shortlisted it down to two. The use of AWS Services was chosen due to WDH being an existing AWS customer, AWS provided several built-in integrations with Salesforce and it supported the complex customisation needs.

The solution made use of many AWS services. Amazon AppFlow was used to pull the survey records from Salesforce and to update upon job completion. S3 was used to store the pulled survey files with an event notification being used to  trigger a call to Lambda functions to securely transfer the file to an SFTP site using the AWS Transfer service. We also made use of AWS Secrets Manager to securely store details used to connect to the SFTP server. The generated survey file was then ingested by the existing survey solution and survey requests were sent to end customers from the survey tool. Reports on the number of surveys generated were reported upon within Salesforce using standard Report Builder functionality.

The Result

All aspects of the project were successfully delivered, all within the original budget and timeframe. The solution is very cost-effective, robust and secure as a result of a complete serverless solution being delivered.

“The solution now allows us to request surveys from directly within Salesforce and still make use of our existing survey tool. We may look to replace the existing survey tool with a native Salesforce solution in the future, but the AWS solution has met our needs in a cost-effective way which is both easy to support and maintain.”

Rachel Felix, Programme Manager, WDH.

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