Simplified telephony integration with Service Cloud Voice

The Challenge

Our client is one of the most recognisable and widespread social welfare organisations in the world. They operate in 192 countries and their services include providing immunization, improving sanitation, disease prevention and relief in response to disasters.

They were looking for a telephony solution that seamlessly integrated with Salesforce and allowed them to consolidate their solution stack to a smaller number of vendors. The solution was to be used by their UK customer services team who already used Salesforce for much of their interaction with the general public. 

Our remit was to: 

  • Provide a telephony solution that was seamlessly integrated with Salesforce that would allow their agents and supervisors to make and receive calls through the Salesforce platform. 
  • Provide a prompt which allows the caller to decide if they were happy for their call to be recorded and transcribed which toggled the functionality on/off. 
  • Setup of six new numbers for their different enquiry lines. 
  • Setup of Salesforce knowledge to be driven off Case creation. 
  • Setup of a team calendar which allows for dynamic call routing within the call flows. 
  • Provision of a voicemail and call-back facility to provide deflection mechanisms within the call flows and to provide call assistance out of hours. 
  • Provide support for Polly speech synthesis to play prompts via text-to-speech to simplify ongoing maintenance of the solution. 
  • Provide support for call sentiment analysis for call quality training purposes. 


The Solution

Alscient addressed these requirements in a phased approach. We initially created a design which captured the technical solution. The design described the call flows and supporting technical components making up the solution. Once the design was signed-off we then built out the required functionality over a series of short delivery sprints. The solution was then UAT tested by our client. Training was then provided on the solution (via a Train the Trainer approach). The project was then put live and Alscient continued to support our client through a Service Management contract. The project from start to finish took less than 8 weeks to implement.  

In addition to using Amazon Connect, we used an Amazon Kinesis stream, Amazon S3, Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly and a series of AWS Lambdas to coordinate calls across different AWS services and write the details back through to Salesforce via a Connected App.

The Result

All aspects of the project were delivered to the satisfaction of our client. Supervisors were able to remotely view contact centre activities and get insight into call volumes and customer sentiment in real-time. The solution included the provision of dedicated numbers for several different donation charity lines. The solution allowed for calls to be resolved faster with the caller record being directly presented upon receipt of call. Access to the call recordings and transcripts also proved to be useful to allow supervisors to assess and report on call quality outcomes. The ability to easily change the call flows also allowed for our client to quickly make adjustments to the flows to meet their changing needs. Tight integration with the Salesforce Omnichannel model allowed for voice to become an extra case channel to provide a unified cross-channel caller experience. 


Alscient mobilised a team very quickly and were a pleasure to work with. Alscient clearly understood our requirements and demonstrated their detailed knowledge of both AWS and Salesforce to provide a great solution which puts us in a great position to further streamline and automate other parts of our business processes”.

Client's Head of Salesforce

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