Supporting a Retail Customer Contact Centre

Supporting a Retail Customer Contact Centre through a period of digital transformation.

The Challenge

A leading UK retailer of motoring, cycling and leisure products who have been using Salesforce across multiple business units for the past 16 years.

The customer had been using a Salesforce platform for 16 years. In that time it was inevitable some problems, technical debt and redundancy would build up.​

This was resulting in a delay to business agility and unnecessary costs to support and manage.

The Solution

This was a complex scenario that required a number of different approaches.

Our first activity was to fully understand the position which was achieved by completing an architectural review of the overall solution, including integrated services.

Once we identified the issues and opportunities for improvement, we completed a migration plan with transition phases and releases. Due to the scale of the work, the larger programme of work was undertaken using a hybrid waterfall/agile project while the smaller tactical work was completed under a series of service management improvements. The work was completed while maintaining a high level of service for the customer and users.

The Result

An overhaul and significant improvement at pace on a Salesforce solution that had been delivering value for over 16 years to refresh and enable a platform on which the company could further exploit potential, with higher levels of quality and value.

Once Alscient were engaged we managed a programme of work that focused on quality and outcomes while delivering a platform that was in much better shape to support their business going forward while ensuring all change was managed in a low risk, high value approach.

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