Integrated Telephony with Service Cloud Voice (SCV)

The Challenge

Sofa Company is an online retailer of furniture. They pride themselves on providing a great customer service and as such were looking for a fully integrated best-of-breed intelligent telephony solution that fully integrated into Salesforce. 

Sofa Company use Salesforce for both Sales and Service. They required an integrated telephony solution that allowed their staff to respond to order enquiries and record and manage product issues. They also required the ability to send SMS text alerts and respond back on other social channels including Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.  

The solution was to support their customers in their operating markets which included Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland. In addition to supporting basic CTI functions such as screen pop and click to dial, the solution also had to provide intelligent insight and support call transcription in the language of the caller. Additionally, the solution needed to support call deflection mechanisms which included the ability to leave voicemails and request a callback.  

The Solution

Alscient addressed these requirements in a phased approach. We created a design that captured the technical solution and described the contact flows and supporting technical components. The solution supported contact flows for each of the main markets.  

 Once the design was approved, we then built the required functionality over a series of short delivery sprints.  The solution supported a voicemail feature which allowed callers to leave a message which is then automatically transcribed and written back through to Salesforce as a Case. We used Kinesis Stream, S3, Amazon Transcribe and a series of Lambdas to coordinate calls across different AWS services and write the details back through to Salesforce via a Connected App.  

The solution also supported a deep link through to Amazon Connect Contact Lens to expose sentiment detail. Detail captured within the call flow was also categorised on the Case to provide the agent with full contextual information upon receipt of the call. A series of reports and dashboards were also created in Salesforce to report on the Voice Call data. 

The Result

A full omnichannel solution was delivered to Sofa Company that allows a customer to interact with the service team via their preferred channel (including Web, Email, Voice and Facebook Messenger).  

Calls were presented to the agent through Salesforce omnichannel. Access to the call recordings were provided directly within Salesforce that allowed supervisors to assess call quality outcomes.  

The solution provides a consistent caller experience with mechanisms for the caller to choose an alternate contact mechanism if they are experiencing increased wait times. The plan is to extend this solution to other key markets in the future and extend the functionality offered to provide more self-service capability to improve the overall caller experience.  

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