Multi-Language Omni Channel with Service Cloud Voice

The Challenge

Hunkemöller, one of the largest lingerie brands and omni-channel retailers in Europe with over 900 stores and rapidly growing online sales, needed a customer service tool that would optimize and automate processes within customer service and ensure seamless experiences for our customers. Hunkemöller implemented Salesforce Service Cloud and Voice for 12 markets during January 2021. 

Hunkemöller were looking to integrate a telephony/voice solution into Salesforce omni-channel to support consistent access to cases across different channels. The solution was to support 12 different countries across 8 distinct languages. 

The requirement to Alscient consisted of the following: 

  • Optimise usage of the system to reduce call charges (i.e. limit access to queues at capacity). 
  • Provide deflection mechanisms to allow a caller to be called back or leave a voicemail if they chose not to wait for their call to be answered. 
  • Provide an order lookup function to allow the caller to ascertain the status of their order with a SMS being sent with a link to a track & trace URL (if they called up via a mobile phone). 
  • Allow calls from top tier (Level 4) customers to be prioritised. 
  • Allow calls from stores to be prioritised over other calls. 
  • Provide a GDPR check which only enabled recording and transcription if the caller had opted into the privacy statement. 
  • Provide reports within the system to track call charges and better understand call volume by country. 

The Solution

Alscient addressed these requirements in a phased approach. 

We initially reduced the costs of the system by ensuring non toll-free numbers were used throughout the system and queue sizes were kept to sensible levels. If the queue was at capacity, the caller was presented with options to e.g. request a callback, leave a voicemail or to provide contact via an alternate channel. 

Once the call charges were optimised, we then looked to improve upon the existing contact flows by providing a series of automation services to improve the caller experience. This included an order lookup facility which made a web service callout to another system to extract order status detail. This then allowed the caller to be notified of their order status and a track & trace URL link was sent via SMS to the caller.  

Two levels of prioritised routing were also put into the system. The first involved a data dip into another system to locate the customer tier and this was then used to change the priority of the call if the caller was deemed to be a top tier customer. The second level checked the caller number to identify if the call came from a store. If the caller was from a store, the priority was also set to the highest level. This ensured calls by premium customers and stores were appropriately handled within SLA.  

A GDPR check was also put into the system to allow the caller to opt in/out of the call recording and transcription for compliance purposes.  

A series of reports were also created in Salesforce to report on calls received/made by market and call type. 

In addition to using Amazon Connect, we used an Amazon Kinesis stream, Amazon S3, Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly and a series of AWS Lambdas to coordinate calls across different AWS services and write the details back through to Salesforce via a Connected App.

The Result

All aspects of the project were successfully delivered, providing a best of breed intelligent contact centre solution. The innovative solution serves 12 different countries across 8 distinct languages and fully integrates with Salesforce omni-channel. 

Ongoing call charges were reduced via capping queue sizes and providing self-service mechanisms and the suite of reports created allow the business to gain a firmer view of calls received and made. 

Hunkemöller are now considering further updates to the system to allow the caller to better self-serve to reduce load on agents and provide an efficient and effective service regardless of channel. 

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