Test Strategy & Execution

Ensuring confidence and success at speed and scale

The pace of technological advance is relentless with opportunities to improve and reduce costs constantly arising.

Managing this positive change in an agile, low risk manner can be a challenge. Following good practice, using the best tools and having the right team supporting you is key to maintaining the velocity required to compete and offer the best possible service to your customers and people.

We have experience of testing applications and services that run at a national scale and support millions of users. Whether it’s automated unit and functional system tests or large scale non-functional testing of scale, capacity and availability, we can help.

Helping to deliver better services

From strategy to planning to execution, we can provide advice and support to ensure your test approach and delivery properly supports you and your organisation.

DevOps Test Services

The aim for a successful DevOps service is to implement a pipeline that supports teams of developers working together to build high quality applications and services, at speed and efficiently without being impeded by the work of others or having to wait for lengthy test cycles to complete.

Our developers build quality into their solutions by following best practice methods for code testing and follow Continuously Integrate (CI) and Continuously Delivery (CD) standards. This agile best practice is well supported with a wide range to tools and services with the benefits clear and widely accepted. Clear, concise and unambiguous specifications, designs and requirements statements are, however, key to the success of any testing strategy.

If your services support a DevOps approach, we can build a test strategy and approach that will deliver great service, agility and ultimately, the confidence to deliver high quality solutions at speed for your organisation.

Performance, Load, Security, Accessibility, Availability

There are some aspects of testing or quality assurance that require a different approach or consideration.

Performance and load testing may require test environments that are similar to production. These could be more costly and therefore testing completed as and when required rather than continuously.

Security testing such as penetration or vulnerability assessments may need to be undertaken in a live environment, under the watchful eye of a support team.

Some testing may just need that human touch, such as assessing usability or feedback from a certain section of the user community.

We can help and support any aspect of testing to ensure consistency, compliancy and ultimately the level of quality your customers and people expect.

Case Studies

See how we’ve used the best technologies available to help our customers achieve success.

Delivering robust, quality services to the businesses of the future

Test automation provides the ability to deliver consistency, quality and agility to enterprise technology platforms. The latest tools, technologies and best practice has proved to be a huge improvement over the test methods and approaches of the past.

Good tools, approach and team dedication can contribute to increased delivery velocity while meeting all test objectives.

Modern test tools and methods deliver a tremendous amount of value, they reduce defects and costs and ultimately improve maintenance, agility and the user experience.

Whatever the need, we will find a way and help you build, support and grow your Intelligent Enterprise.

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