Programme & Project Management

Ensuring successful outcomes across all perspectives

Our solution to successful programmes of work and individual projects is to build the appropriate approach that puts people, process and agility at the core.

Our people know that technology and solutions, while important, are nothing without the people behind them. This is true at every stage of delivery and ultimately, critical at the point of implementation and ongoing use. Systems are built to support people and our delivery teams never lose sight of that.

Our team are experienced and certified in the various agile delivery methods as well as waterfall and the hybrid alternatives available. We use the latest tools and technologies to support best practice and draw on all of this to ensure the best approach is tailored and adopted for each individual project.

Helping to deliver successful outcomes

We focus on the customer outcomes, not the detail. Our team includes Scrum Masters, Project managers, Technical Delivery Managers, in fact, we believe everyone in the team is responsible for achieving project success.

Our Approach

Our delivery teams are often involved from the idea stage, sometimes working with customers to raise the idea as an opportunity for them.

We then work through the onboarding of the project by ensuring a thorough understanding of the project objectives and scope while starting to build the stakeholder relationships, after which, a clear view and strategy will form for the delivery plan, approach and tools.

Project initiation will get the team up to speed and on course for success.

Throughout the project we focus on communication and collaboration to ensure milestones are hit, quality objectives met and risks and impediments are swiftly and effectively resolved.

Activities around service transition and the support to deliver, test and implement are supported by relevant teams who are experts in these areas.

Once everything is delivered and handed over, we complete the activity with a review to determine lessons learned and future improvements then complete closedown.

Which Method to Use?

An Agile Scrum approach is our method of choice, however, we recognise it is not a silver bullet and sometimes an Agile Kanban, Waterfall of Agile + Waterfall approach is the most appropriate fit for the project in hand.

We consider the customer, project objectives, technologies and team alongside third party risks, legal and regulatory concerns and future planned work before agreeing on the appropriate method.

Once agreed, we move swiftly into delivery and empower our people to deliver the goals set and successful outcomes for you.

Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management

As a Gold Partner for Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management for over 10 years, we have the expertise to manage your enterprise portfolio of change from ideas to realities.

We can help you to effectively plan, prioritise and manage your project and portfolio investments and steer your enterprise down the right path.

Helping enable the businesses of the future

We work with our customers to define the right approach for each project and make sure every angle is covered. Once onboarding and initiation is complete our teams are clear on roles, responsibilities, objectives and how they need to work together, with third parties and the customer.

We help to build digitally enabled organisations that leverage the speed and agility of the latest cloud platforms, technologies and solutions allowing you to focus on building and growing your business.

Our low risk adoption approach provides a simple, clear path to your future state by carving up your roadmap into transitional stages that deliver value, capability and tangible benefits.

Whatever the challenge, we will find a way and help you build and grow your Intelligent Enterprise.

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