Let the data do the bidding

  • Client: Standard Wool
  • Sector: Wholesaling / B2B
  • Partners: SAS

Wool is bought at
multi-day auctions with multiple price variations

This complexity was sure to yield some patterns, but how could we make sure we took advantage of them?

Data acquisition that is
robust and precise

Standard Wool wanted to understand the best time of year, best day and even the best time during the day to buy their wool. This meant they could remain competitive and offer lower prices to their customers.

Our first task was the collection of multiple data points over 90 spreadsheets and other sources. We then added not just the time of purchase, but also transport costs and processing factors to make sure the model was robust.

Utilising information to benefit customers


“SAS was an ideal technology for analysing large quantities of historical data to identify trends. It enables our analysts to find quick answers to long standing questions.” — Dave Laycock, Chief Technology Officer

Confident decisions using reliable data

The buyers now have visual dashboards, allowing confident buying decisions. In addition, data is added after every auction keeping the dashboards continually relevant and up to speed.


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