Solid business communication

  • Client: Thistle Insurance
  • Sector: Insurance
  • Partners: Microsoft, Okta

You have mail
(in one simple system)

When Thistle was acquired, their existing complex email architecture needed an overhaul. The challenge was to migrate 250 employee mailboxes, untangle 50 domain names while keeping 100% receipt during the migration.

Migrating data without standard tools

The parent company did not allow any standard tools within their environment, so we needed to isolate the existing archiving and import it to Mimecast. Eventually we migrated 12 years of archived email (and the 50 domains) using a phased approach.

Despite the significant restrictions, the migration was well received by our client.


On behalf of the receiving business, I would like to extend thanks to all involved for producing a quality implementation which has generated minimal business disruption – we have genuinely been bowled over by the expertise and attitudes displayed by the team. David Rarity - Thistle Migration Manager


What's next?