Organising the perfect data structure

  • Client: giffgaff
  • Sector: Mobile
  • Partners: AWS, SAS

Building a DevOps platform within AWS

The infrastructure within giffgaff was hosted on dedicated hardware, provided and managed by a 3rd party provider. This restrictive set up slowed them down and a cloud-based pipeline for DevOps was required.

Faster releases, controlled in house

Alscient developed Terraform scripts to create the Security Groups, EC2 instances for OpenShift and Elastic Load Balancers for the public and private OpenShift servers. We then created the YAML scripts used by Ansible Tower to orchestrate the deployment.

A complex 16-week build enabled the teams to have much faster release cycles and an automated process for building additional environments.

The team at giffgaff now have a cloud agnostic platform that helps their performance and ultimately helps them grow at the pace they desire.


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