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NHS service levels often make the news, so they must be accurate and fast.

Validate and transform it in less than a second

Multiple data points, manual analysis and slow extraction meant managers were spending too much time on collation, rather than understanding. There was plenty of good data, but no way to access it quickly.

Amazon Web Services

Dave Laycock, who led the project for Alscient saw the need for a cloud platform. “Automation was essential and using Amazon Web Services (AWS) we were able to read the unstructured data, validate it and transform it in less than a second.”

“Alscient built a system that allows us to access data incredibly quickly. Using AWS as a full computing platform is now something we are considering across the organisation.”


Benefits from the speed and flexibility of AWS

Suddenly our clients had access to accurate, visual data within a few weeks of the project starting. The NHS are now able to benefit from the speed and flexibility of AWS at a lower cost to them than the system it replaced.

Normally we help businesses grow by saving time and money. This time the speed, and immediate understanding, of data could save lives.


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