Infrastructure build for continuous delivery

  • Client: Insurance Broker
  • Sector: Insurance
  • Partners: AWS, SAS

Building intelligence from multiple data feeds

Following their purchase of another broker, our client had multiple data feeds. These included legacy broking systems in addition to their strategic broking platform. Combining these disparate systems into one reporting system was our main task.

Integrated feeds with a modern interface

The new platform utilised Microsoft SSIS for data integration and their SQL server for the data warehouse. We used the AWS database migration service and SAS visual analytics for data exploration, reporting and model building.

The environments were built using Cloudformation for the VPC and SAS EC2. The automation was achieved using Ansible, enabling rapid and repeatable deployment.

A modern, secure and scalable platform that achieved 44% annual cost saving compared with existing platforms. Data integration was achieved within a few days giving confidence quickly in the new system.

The reporting was quicker (20% quicker than existing) and the interface now allowed bespoke data exploration. The businesses were able to integrate quickly with a unified business intelligence platform.


What's next?