Keeping data fresh for major retailers

  • Client: Grocery Retailer
  • Sector: Retail
  • Partners: Splunk, AWS

500 stores with
over 35,000 products
being sold daily

This can produce a lot of data and it becomes more important with dairy and fresh products, as it can easily end up as waste.

Acquiring real-time data and predictive analysis

Our task was to provide real time data, but also use predictive analytics to give a live estimate of the expected sales of over 8,000 lines.

Access to a data rich dashboard


“Our client needed data presented quickly to help them move stock around their logistics system. Splunk was the obvious choice of technology due to its speed and operational intelligence." — Dave Laycock, Head of Data Practice

Solutions with powerful results

The supply team now have access to a data rich dashboard, giving traffic light warnings across their product lines. The data feed and dashboards were provided within a few weeks, allowing the team to prioritise their work and make better decisions.


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