Swapping CRM systems without headaches

  • Client: Citation
  • Sector: Human Resources
  • Partners: Microsoft, AWS

Transferring to a cloud based, modern CRM system

Thousands of large business customers, constantly updating sales data and a CRM system that was beginning to collapse. Systems integrations involving two different platforms and databases are fraught with danger, so this needed tight project management.


“We knew, realistically, that there would be a time that we would need to use both Salesforce and Filemaker in tandem.” — Head of Data Strategy, Citation

One of the most challenging parts of the project was to host the integration platform

On-premise hosting was never going to be adequate and would add too much costs.

Reliable cloud computing services

“AWS was a way to deliver low maintenance, high power that could match the scale of the CRM platforms and the data involved. In addition, the low ongoing costs, easy additional integrations and synchronisation strength made it a good choice.”

– Dave Laycock, Head of Data Practice.

Citation now have a cloud based, modern CRM system with zero data loss. Their solution has given them continuity and a platform for growth.


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