BrightGen – Amazon Connect for Salesforce

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  • Partners: BrightGen

BrightGen – Amazon Connect for Salesforce

Our client (BrightGen) is a Salesforce Platinum Partner who has successfully managed over 1000 Salesforce projects. They’ve been working solely with Salesforce since they were founded over 12 years ago. And they provide unrivalled knowledge of the platform to ensure their clients get a return on investment, fast. Their team is made up of some of the brightest Salesforce talent in the World, including certified technical architects that play a strategic role in ensuring client satisfaction and success. They take the time to learn about their client’s goals and uncover the fundamental changes necessary for their clients to succeed on the Salesforce platform.


BrightGen has service management contracts with over 50 clients, 95 per cent of which have stayed with them since signing up. They wanted to improve the support service they provide to their clients, by accessing new features such as:

  • Improved case resolution time.
  • Scheduled call backs.
  • Identify inbound callers and easily see previous interactions with their clients.
  • Separate inbound service calls from other less important calls, such as cold callers.
  • Have easy access to agent call recordings.
  • Direct calls based on skills or knowledge, to improve their first-time resolution rate.

What we did

We spent time with our client listening to their issues, problems and challenges so we could fully appreciate and document their requirements.

After this, we presented our proposed solution; Amazon Connect directly embedded as a soft phone within Salesforce Lightning, Service Cloud edition.

Our rationale; Amazon Connect is a self-serve, on-demand, cloud-based contact centre service. It uses Amazon’s Lex AI voice recognition (the brains behind Alexa) to make it easy for organisations of any size to deliver a better experience at lower cost.

Amazon Connect harnesses the power of AI automation and integrates seamlessly with Salesforce. With responsive voice recognition it listens, responds and instantly accesses relevant Salesforce data to deliver a great experience. It increases customer loyalty, retention and satisfaction. All in a way that’s incredibly efficient too.

An ideal fit for our client.

So, we made use of the Amazon Connect CTI Adapter for Salesforce. We built a direct integration with our client’s Salesforce system to interrogate their contact records. We stored both agent and customer recordings in Amazon’s Cloud Computing Services; Amazon Web Services (AWS). To meet our client’s security requirements, we created separate security profiles that restricted access to Amazon Connect functionality (e.g. access to call recordings and reports).

We created six separate contact flows to help guide the caller through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) options, for entry of case reference numbers and to route calls to the right people. We built screen pop ups and click to dial. We used Amazon Connect to keep their Salesforce system up to date.


We built a cloud-based, cost-effective solution, within budget and on time. The new solution has all the new features our client needed, such as agent call recordings with easy access, skills-based routing, caller ID with previous history presented, and much more.

So, our client got the solution they needed and can now provide a better support service to their clients.

And for us; another successful project delivered and most importantly, another happy client.


What next?