Analytics deployment at speed

Partners: SAS

Viya, the cloud analytics platform from SAS needed deployment but there were many manual activities which could slow the process down. Automation, using Ansible playbooks was our chosen route.

Cutting out manual tasks

The automation process involved Cloudformation scripts, Security enhanced Linux, Java Run Time and Tomcat. We also set up the SAS users and roles configuring SSL and single sign on for the Viya application.

The use of Cloudformation and Ansible to fully automate the deployment enabled an incredibly quick delivery.

The Result

The production environment was able to be built, from scratch, within 2 hours. This kept costs to a minimum and delivered a stable and robust platform for end users from day one.

This process also provided an ability to build an environment in the event of a disaster. We pride ourselves on reducing complexity for our clients, which ultimately allows them to concentrate on growth and efficiency.


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