Primary ICT Support

Information Technology (IT First Line Support)

Design and Implementation of Service Cloud Voice

The Challenge

Primary ICT Support provide first line IT support to schools in the UK and are based in Leeds.

Due to the shifting conditions and environments caused by Covid-19, Primary ICT Support required a solution that empowered their agents to still provide effective and targeted support to their clients. Service Cloud Voice was selected because it provides:

• A CTI solution fully integrated with Salesforce, that does not require complex and expansive implementation.

• A simple to use softphone, that allows customers to make and receive calls from home.

• Ability to use Einstein to triage and manage cases.

The Solution

Alscient worked with Primary ICT to implement Service Cloud Voice in an expedited delivery approach to provide a solution in time for the start of the school academic year.

The key communication pathways were identified – namely supporting the ability to locate contacts and their associated cases and the ability to route clients to VIP or Region based queues so that the correct agents could be reached. Using Alscient’s extensive Salesforce and AWS knowledge, this analysis was converted into a set of simple Amazon Connect Contact Flows. These included to the ability to retrieve CRM data regarding the caller directly from Salesforce, transcription and recording of calls, and the ability for clients to leave out of hours or call back request messages, which could be picked up agents and appropriately triaged.

The People

As a fellow Managed Services provider, Alscient understood the pressure and importance of providing the best possible service to our clients and mobilised a team at short notice to carry out the implementation.

The Result

The following key benefits were realised from this rollout:

• Direct access to call recordings from within the console.

• Ability to intelligently route calls to the appropriate service agent.

• Ability to dynamically change prompt messages based on hours of operation.

• An extensible solution that can easily scale.

• The ability for agents to work from their preferred location.

James Watson, Managing Director at Primary ICT Support commented, “I cannot thank the guys at Alscient enough. They mobilised a team very quickly, they were professional throughout and clearly demonstrated their knowledge of both AWS and Salesforce. The solution really puts us in a great position to be able to effectively deal with the varied queries we get from our customer base and sets us up well for the future”.

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