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We believe the most successful companies will be those driving digital transformation across their organisation.

However, there are often good reasons why that pace of change cannot happen as desired. This presents an opportunity to consider a strategy around cloud migration opportunities.

An Alscient led cloud migration activity typically consists of a discovery and analysis phase to drive out the opportunities. This can include migrating workloads to the cloud, optimising applications to remove expensive legacy technologies and suppliers or simply replacing aging, end of life infrastructure and services with a cloud solution. We aim to achieve that while supporting your target architecture and ultimately, taking you closer to your fuller digital transformation.

Our approach is simple. Once we understand your strategy and technology landscape, we work on driving out the opportunities for improvement and success and present each one supported by a business case and delivery plan. Once agreed, we deliver and you start realising the benefits.

How can we help deliver success?

Our broad and extensive range of services and technologies ensure we transform your business to an Intelligent Enterprise for the future. Here are some of the services we currently provide.

Architecture & Design

Our certified architects and designers work to understand your business, your current technology landscape and goals in order to drive out your cloud migration opportunities.

Our architects, designers and business analysts are certified and experienced in building the digitally enabled companies of the future. They work closely with you to get everything right at this crucial stage.

Once the business case is approved, our project and agile delivery managers will own the task deliver success for your future organisation.

Project & Agile Delivery Management​

Our delivery teams are well trained and come with the experience, knowledge and confidence to steer their teams down the right path. 

Our delivery approach focuses on objectives and milestones while retaining the business perspective to ensure customers and your people get the attention and support they need and deserve.

Once the path to success is agreed, we work alongside your organisation and people to deliver it.

Test Strategy & Execution​

At every stage of transformation we ensure the work completed is of the highest quality and delivers the expected results. Quality is built in and the objective here is to prove that.

We provide both functional and non-functional testing (at scale) to ensure your systems work as designed and expected and ensure success.

ITIL Service Management​

Our ISO 20000, ITIL based, 24×7 service management function will ensure all change is managed and delivered in a low risk, controlled and efficient way.

Once delivered, we can further provide all the support you need from a service management function and team.​

AWS Professional Services

Our people excel in providing support to customers across all sectors using the world’s best cloud platform.

The AWS Cloud presents many opportunities to deliver cloud migration services from simple infrastructure upgrades to full system upgrades and migrations taking legacy, expensive on-premise solutions to agile, high value cloud platforms.

Salesforce Professional Services​

We have been delivering Salesforce​ solutions and transforming businesses across all ​sectors and industries for over 10 years.

We use that experience and knowledge to help your transformation release the huge potential of the leading CRM platform.​

The world’s greatest and best companies choose Salesforce and it’s simple to see why.

Microsoft Professional Services

As a Microsoft Gold Partner for over 10 years, our team of Microsoft ​certified professionals​ have extensive experience of delivering services from basic infrastructure to business solutions including Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft SharePoint and cloud solutions based on Microsoft Azure.

The highly innovative Azure cloud delivers success for customers around the globe.

Case Studies

See how we’ve used the best technologies available to help our customers achieve success.

Migrating services to the cloud helps release your business potential

Thousands of companies are migrating to the cloud and significantly reducing cost while increasing value for their them and most importantly, their customers.

The benefits include higher productivity, better agility, improved security and service while at the same time achieving substantial costs savings.

Our approach to cloud migration is simple. Find the best opportunity and deliver it, quickly and efficiently so the benefits are realised as quickly as possible then move on to the next opportunity.

We are helping to build digitally enabled organisations that leverage the speed and agility of the latest cloud platforms, technologies and solutions allowing you to focus on building and growing your business.

Our experience across all areas of technology and business help ensure we work with you to deliver valuable outcomes. We also work to leverage our partner network to drive additional value and benefits for your organisation.

Whatever the challenge, we will find a way and help you build and grow your Intelligent Enterprise.

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See how we’ve used the best technologies available to help our customers achieve success.

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