Leading Manufacturer of Consumer Goods

Service (Product Support)

The Challenge

Our client is a leading manufacturer of consumer goods.

Our client wanted to assess the capabilities of Service Cloud Voice to support their vision of intelligently suggesting a next best action to the caller based on the call sentiment and details captured during the IVR call flow. Service Cloud Voice was selected because our client:

• was an existing Salesforce customer and wanted a CTI solution fully integrated with Salesforce

• wanted to make and receive calls via the Salesforce UI

• wanted the ability to capture call recordings for training and quality assurance purposes

• wanted the call to be transcribed in real time so it could drive a next best action

The Solution

Alscient worked with our client to deliver a pilot which was ready and deployed within two weeks.

A series of Amazon Connect Contact Flows were developed which allowed the caller to ask for additional product information or to raise an issue relating to an existing product. As part of this orchestration, data dips were done in Salesforce to automatically locate the associated callers account and create a case which was categorised based on details captured within the IVR flow through the system.

The Result

The following key benefits were realised from this solution:

• Ability to place and receive calls directly from within Salesforce

• Ability to intelligently route calls to the appropriate service agent

• Ability to dynamically change prompt messages based on information identified within Salesforce

• Ability to drive a next best action based on details captured as part of the IVR call flow

• Ability to access call recordings for call quality assurance

On the overall delivery of the pilot our client commented, “Alscient really understood what we were trying to achieve, managed to mobilise a team quickly and delivered a working solution inside of two weeks. We are now looking to extend the pilot to other areas of our business and can clearly see measurable improvement since we have started to use this solution”.

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