Amazon Connect


The future of customer contact

Amazon Connect is a self-serve, on-demand, cloud-based contact centre service. Based on the same contact centre technology that powers Amazon customer service engagements, Amazon Connect is designed to be simple to manage, highly scalable, and an open platform for easy integration with third-party applications.

Using Amazon’s Lex AI voice recognition, the brains behind Alexa, it makes it easy for organisations of any size to deliver a better customer experience at lower cost.

Delivered by Alscient but powered by AWS cloud infrastructure this intuitive conversation bot helps customers find the information and support they need. Quickly, securely and autonomously.
So no more waiting on hold. No more transferring from team to team. And no more frustrated customers.

The future of customer contact

Amazon Connect harnesses the power of AI automation and integrates applications such as your CRM system. With responsive voice recognition it listens, responds and instantly accesses the relevant data to deliver a great experience. Increasing customer loyalty, retention and satisfaction. All in a way that’s incredibly efficient too.


We have a strong track record of delivering systems and software that help our clients grow. So you’re in good hands. As an Amazon partner, we can help you create a next generation contact centre service that will improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs instantly. To transform your customer experience. Talk to us today. Alscient – your Amazon Connect partner.


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