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Delivering a dynamic and personalised caller experience with Amazon Connect and Amazon Personalize 

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The Challenge 

Historically contact centre solutions used by retail customers rely heavily on hierarchical IVR menu options which are difficult to navigate and time consuming to use. With recent technological innovation making use of technologies such as LexPollyS3KinesisPersonalize and Lambda dynamic, natural and personalized flows can be created to intelligently route calls to key contacts. 

The Solution 

The example below, illustrates an incoming call being received. The caller is immediately greeted by name (personalised). The experience is dynamic as we understand they have made a recent purchase (via a data dip) and dynamically presents a message which equates to the time of their last purchase. 

We can then dynamically present an appropriate next action based on the most likely reason for calling. This entire experience is natural, with no IVR routed menus to navigate. With Amazon Connect and the AWS platform you can easily dip into backend systems via Lambda calls to add real customer information to the IVR to personalize the customer experience. In this scenario, the caller phone number is used to look up and locate the most recent customer order information. 

The Lex conversational interface uses the same deep learning technology as Amazon Alexa and through Polly can generate life like synthesised speech in over 30 different languages and over 60 voices. 

The actual transcript is also available to the agent and their cohorts so that other agents are kept abreast of previous activities undertaken. Through the new Contact Lens Call Summary Feature a summarised view of the call can be automatically created which improves the efficiency of the agent and reduces the overall AHT. 

Find Out More 

Amazon Connect is a great omni-channel intelligent contact centre solution which can drastically lower your total cost of ownership and provide a great customer experience.  

The Amazon Personalize service can be used to deliver a wide range of personalized services including product recommendations and customized direct marketing. The entire ML pipeline is fully managed and recommendation results can be easily accessed through published APIs. 

Several examples of where we have previously implemented this intelligent telephony for other retail customers are highlighted in the case study section below. 

If you are interested in finding out more about how we can provide personalised call flows using Amazon Connect and Amazon Personalize why not give us a call on 0113 8000 200 or email us at and we will be happy to arrange a demonstration of the products capabilities. 

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