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Alscient is on the AppExchange!

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Alscient is on the AppExchange!

Exciting news from the Salesforce team here at Alscient this week, as we’ve hit publish on our first five (yes, five!) AppExchange listings. As an experienced team of Salesforce consultants, we’ve compiled a suite of apps to meet some of the common asks we see on a recurring basis. Quality is a key value at Alscient and something that we ensure is a focus in everything we do, and we’re proud to be bringing our trademark quality solutions to a wider audience on the AppExchange – for free!

Without further ado, meet the Alscient apps…

Salesforce Marketing Analytics

The first of three reporting offerings, the Marketing Analytics package provides a comprehensive starter pack of report types, reports and dashboards for visualising your campaign data. All of our reporting packages are fully adaptable to fit your exact requirements – tweak as needed to fulfil your business reporting use cases.

Salesforce CPQ Analytics

Our second analytics offering fills a need that we’ve often seen on CPQ engagements for pre-built, understandable reporting. Salesforce CPQ comes with a myriad of objects and data – our analytics package pulls out the key metrics for analysing your CPQ implementation, including popular vs unused products, discounting levels, missing data and adoption statistics.

Service Time Manager

At Alscient, we provide a high quality, ITIL based service model to our customers, and an essential part of this is the ability to track time and effort against cases. Our Service Time Manager solution allows users to log time and estimates to complete against the cases in your org and provides service managers with a full view of time spent and remaining on in-flight cases.

Salesforce Service Analytics

Our final analytics package, Salesforce Service Analytics provides an intuitive dashboard of key service metrics with filtering by timeframe, case priority and case type. This package provides a solid starting point for Service Cloud reporting which can be further configured to provide the insights your business needs.

Case Response Tracker

Last but not least, Case Response Tracker introduces visual indicators for tracking customer responses to cases; incoming responses are automatically flagged and cases classified according to how long the customer response has gone unanswered, allowing agents and supervisors to see which cases should be prioritised.

We hope that at least one of our new apps will pique your interest – but if you still haven’t found the solution you’re looking for why not let us know? For feedback on our apps or to find out how else Alscient can help you get the most out of your Salesforce implementation, find us on the AppExchange, browse our website, or send us an email at

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