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Reduce your Costs and Protect Sensitive Data

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Reduce your Costs and Protect Sensitive Data

The number of customers moving applications and data to Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to grow at unprecedented rates. Organisations across the world choose AWS to gain increased business agility, security, and elasticity while reducing overall costs.

At the same time, end user access to company data is facing increased security threats and compliance requirements, accompanied by a growing workforce of mobile and contingent workers.

As a result, securing end user access to applications and data in the cloud is driving companies to pursue desktop and application streaming on AWS. End User Computing solutions on AWS provides a secure way for end users to access company resources from anywhere.

So, we are delighted to announce that we have attained the newly launched End User Computing (EUC) Competency by Amazon Web Services (AWS) today. We are one of only a few worldwide AWS Partner Network (APN) members to receive this designation at launch.

To receive this designation, we had to undergo a rigorous validation by AWS, with an assessment of our security, performance, and reliability of our AWS offerings and practices.

The AWS End User Computing Competency recognizes APN Advanced and Premier Consulting Partners that can help customers deploy EUC services on AWS. With deep expertise on Amazon Web Services, AWS EUC Competency Partners are uniquely positioned to help companies achieve key business objectives.

To find out more visit our EUC Competency page; Alscient EUC Competency


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