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How we’ve helped utilities companies improve service and sales

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  • Date: 04.08.16
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We’ve helped streamline processes and improve customer service.

In a fiercely competitive, highly regulated industry, energy and water companies have often turned to Alscient for expertise and services in IT management, telecommunications, CRM, data collection and handling and custom software development. This has helped them ensure customers receive the level and speed of service they expect, and that the business can operate efficiently, making best use of the resources it has available.

Work we have undertaken for utility companies includes:

  • the creation of an energy consultant portal
  • the integration of customer relationship management system (CRM) and a legacy billing system
  • the integration of our client’s core CRM with Docusign and Experian credit check
  • sales process planning and streamlining
  • data quality governance
  • designing a case management system for customer services
  • developing a Business Intelligence solution for smart metering
  • developing a roadmap for Salesforce development for the SME sales team of a major energy provider
    CRM rollouts
  • producing a strategy document detailing CRM best practice usage across the utilities industry
  • in-life service management with pro-active monitoring of core systems
  • a data archiving solution that ensured data growth rates were being kept in check and that system performance was optimised

Our products and services can now be procured through Achilles, making it quicker and cheaper for utility companies to view our detailed specifications and undertake business improvement and transformation projects more rapidly.

Please contact us today for more details of the work we’ve completed in the utilities sector, and to discuss your upcoming IT projects.