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Industry news, from the office.

Conversation in the office often turns to the latest technology news stories.

The new ideas we wished we’d had and the ones we’re not quite so sure about. This is an occasional series of posts on the stories that caught our eye.

Computerworld: Technology that predicts your next security fail.

An interesting article on how the use of predictive analytics within a SAS-based application was able to stop an additional $1 million in fraud for the Kentucky Department of Revenue. To find out more about how SAS analytics can help your company understand its data whatever that data may be, click here.

CloudTech: Latest cloud infrastructure research shows yet more AWS dominance.

News that Amazon Web Services continues to dominate the cloud infrastructure market is not surprising, nor that the market itself is growing so rapidly. As cloud technology specialists, at Alscient we are proud to be partnered with the best, including Amazon Web Services.

The Telegraph: Facebook says there are only 3.57 degrees of separation.

In honour of its 12th birthday, Facebook has published some research to show how connected we all are and it suggests on average there are now just three and half people between any one person and another. You can visit the research here and check your own. Alscient has some way to go to catch up with Sheryl Sandberg but we’re working on it.