News  |  17.02.16

Certifications strengthen our AWS partner status

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  • Date: 17.02.16
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And although we’re not quite donning our ball gowns and dinner jackets, we thought it was only right that we shout about some successes of our own.

We have had no less than five members of the team achieving the AWS Technical Professional accreditation in recent weeks. But as you may have seen elsewhere on our website, we are all about using technology to solve business problems, so we’ve made sure we also have an AWS Business Professional accreditation under our belt.

These qualifications provide us with a solid foundation of expertise that means our customers can be confident in our credentials as a member of the AWS Partner Network.

Well done to the team and we look forward to shouting about further successes soon!

Give us a chance to put our accreditation to good use and contact us to see how we can help you make the most of this exciting technology and all that it has to offer.