Aeonix from Tadiran

How we help you make the most of communication and collaboration tools


Easy to operate, easy to integrate, easy to maintain, yet feature rich and competitively priced, Aeonix delivers immediate return on investment and ongoing reductions in the total cost of ownership to thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

Your embedded, all-in-one contact centre

We can transform the ease with which your teams communicate, share information and track response, enabling you to manage resource better across your whole organisation.

Our unified communications solution uses an embedded, all-in-one contact centre management solution, Aeonix from Tadiran.

We help you transform your communications

  • We will work to understand your organisational structure and long-term business goals, including acquisition, growth & relocation.
  • We will devise an architecture for your communications, which offers you the highest possible return on investment, drawing on our considerable experience in this area.
  • We will advise on a number of UC products and suggest the best solution fit to meet your needs.
  • We will setup and install the telephony system and in doing so, ensure that a robust, resilient solution is in place.
  • We will advise on further integration to your existing systems, where this offers you value.
  • We will organise and deliver staff training, both face-to-face and by providing detailed, custom user guides for your different teams, including your internal IT teams, leaving you self-sufficient.

Once we have agreed with you the best way to structure and deploy your solution, we can design and build your unified communications solution in a matter of a few weeks.

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