Unified Communications

We can help your teams communicate more effectively and at a lower total cost to your business.

  • Lower costs
  • Reduce complexity
  • Increase team efficiency

We can provide your whole business with a secure, custom, permissions-based communications suite that is optimised for the structure and operational activities of your organisation and works across a range of devices (including company and personal devices). Our solution can improve your call centre management and queuing as well as manage multi-channel contact.

Your business will benefit from:

A significant reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) through consolidation of your communication channels into a single, flexible and multi-functional platform

Significant efficiency gains, through more effective utilisation of resource

A better experience for your customers

Improved internal communications resulting in more effective staff

Easy and comprehensive reporting allowing you to respond to both short- and long-term trends to ensure that your business is always meeting demand

Increased security and reduced risk through the use of a company-wide single communications platform

For organisations with multiple teams, sites and divisions, our unified comms solution offers the potential to transform the way in which your teams can communicate, share information and track response.

Our unified communications solution uses an embedded, all-in-one contact centre management solution, Aeonix from Tadiran. Easy to operate, easy to integrate, easy to maintain, yet feature rich and competitively priced, Aeonix delivers immediate return on investment and ongoing reductions in the total cost of ownership to thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

  • Audio conferencing

  • Web / video conferencing

  • IP or VOIP telephony to support mobility hot desking

  • Instant messaging (Chat)

  • Presence information

  • Mobility features that extend to mobile phones and other devices

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