Business Intelligence

Getting an end-to-end view of your business to identify process improvements or opportunities for increased efficiency can be difficult. Understanding the impact of changes in one area on other parts of your operations is challenging too.

We give you the answers to key questions, quickly, using sophisticated analytics that draw on data from all parts of your business. Our analytics service provides powerful visualisations of data, which you can manipulate to give you valuable insights into your business, its performance and strategic direction.


With our agile analytics as a service, there's no big investment in technology, training or change management. Our projects can deliver answers in days to help you model different scenarios and predict the likely results of changes to your pricing, promotion, distribution or purchasing.

Take charge of your data

If you are looking to develop your in-house data analysis capabilities, we can provide expert guidance on the tools and processes you need to be successful. Our partnerships with SAS, AWS and Splunk help us combine a range of tools to build your own bespoke data solution, that fits the way your business works today, whilst giving you flexibility for the future.

We will always deliver the lowest-cost, most agile and future-proofed solution for you.

We've helped a major supermarket view store sales in near-real time, which has increased on-shelf availability and reduced waste to increase profit margins.

We have also helped a major manufacturer benchmark their pricing against the competition and identify opportunities to buy materials at lower prices, helping them to achieve the best margins and optimum pricing strategies.

Our initial free consultation, including a discovery workshop will help you explore in detail what we can do for you. We offer swift, agile projects, freeing you from lengthy process and uncertainty. Challenge us to unlock the insights in your data. Contact us today.

  • SAVE

    Identify cost savings


    Find high value customers


    Improve forecasting and business planning

  • SEE

    Visualise your data to help decision-making


    Resolve long-standing issues with insightful data


    Identify opportunities to up and cross sell

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