Public Sector

Fast access to accurate data is essential to running a public service.

The Challenge

Although our client was capturing large amounts of data on key service performance criteria, it was held in an unstructured format.

Data from different parts of the organisation were all held in different Excel files. Extracting the data and manipulating it into the format that management needed to help them direct resource and drive improvement was a time consuming, manual process with all the associated costs and risks of human error that go along with that.

What we did

We ran a workshop to understand the issues our client was facing in more detail. We wanted to build our knowledge of the key requirements of the organisation, in order that the solution we delivered met current and future needs.

Dave Laycock, who led the project for Alscient, said, “The most important requirement was the speed with which the customer was able to consolidate data, so that they could free up more time to analyse data.

“By combining AWS tools with code we developed, we were able to read the unstructured Excel data, validate it and transform it in less than a second.”

The way in which we solutioned this has resulted in a better user experience and we have been able to deliver a lower subscription costs model for our client.

Our client said, “AWS has allowed us to spend more time understanding our data and completing ‘what if’ analysis.

“It is fair to say we had not appreciated that AWS is such a full computing platform and Alscient has been exemplary in helping us see new opportunities across the wider organisation.”

Carl Chalfont, who heads up the AWS Account team at Alscient, said, “AWS lets us build customer solutions in weeks that would have previously taken months to complete.

“Our client was able to benefit from the speed and flexibility of AWS and at a lower cost to operate than their in-house platform.

“We bring a deep knowledge and flexibility of approach that really lets us focus on solving the customer’s problem.”


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