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A national business wanted to increase sales and marketing effectiveness and came to us with a systems integration challenge.

The Challenge

As one of the UK’s leading Health and Safety service providers in the UK, our client had thousands of large business customers. Sales and marketing effectiveness, and in particular a real-time view on sales data, was a necessity.

Our client's Head of Data Strategy explained, “We had a basic CRM that wasn’t fit for purpose for a business of our size. We needed a proper CRM and implemented Salesforce.

In deciding to change CRM systems, our client faced the very significant challenge of moving tens of thousands of records from one system to another.

“We also knew realistically that there would be a period when we needed to use both systems,” the Head of Data Strategy said.

We had already delivered successful business technology projects for this client and were asked to advise on the most cost-effective way to achieve an integration. Time was of the essence. With growth plans to deliver and with the potential for error inherent in using two different databases simultaneously, the business needed to implement a solution quickly, and without disruption.

What we did

We created a web service that integrated our client’s two systems, FileMaker and Salesforce, and enabled real-time synchronisation, so that all parts of the business had the right data, the same data, and the most-up to date view of sales and pipeline data.

One of the most challenging parts of the project was to host the integration platform. The need to match the size and availability of the Salesforce Force. com platform meant that on-premise hosting by our client would have involved them in high on-going server, storage, network and IT labour costs.

Dave Laycock, Chief Technology Officer at Alscient said, “with AWS being so cost-effective, secure, available and most importantly low to zero maintenance for the client, it quickly became clear that it was the best solution.

“Our solution also puts our client in the position where they can configure additional integrations quickly and easily in the future.”

Dave continued, “We have left our client with an easy to manage solution. They have got what they needed, which was real-time synchronisation between two key business systems, and they know that the ongoing costs for them are very low because of the way we’ve used AWS tools to construct their cloud.”


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