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The Challenge

Our client's website plays an important role in engaging new and existing customers, providing resources, guides and information on a range of topics including mortgages, pensions and life assurance.

In addition to the main company website, our client hosts and manages a further 25 websites to support their many partner independent financial advisers (IFAs) for their local marketing activities. All the websites were hosted on a private cloud solution (with high associated server costs) and managed through an Umbraco content management system (CMS).

Our client's marketing team felt that the look and feel of their website was dated and not adequately portraying the innovative services that they offer. It didn’t reflect their flexible, customer-focused approach to business and like many business-to-business (B2B) marketing teams, they felt that the lead capture could be improved. Unfortunately the team faced a significant challenge here because the content management system for the site was virtually impossible for them to use. They had inherited a ‘locked down’ website which meant that they needed to commission an agency to make even simple changes and improvements to their imagery, navigation or content.

In addition to this, our client's IT team were conscious that the private cloud hosting of 26 websites was incurring significant monthly costs.

What we did

At our initial meeting, the marketing team’s wish list was actually quite modest and focused on changing page layout, basic navigation and providing a responsive design. However, our discovery workshop helped to unpick some of their underlying frustrations, as well as working towards aligning their short-term technological goals with the team’s longer-term lead generation goals.

Carl Chalfont, Alscient’s Cloud Evangelist said:

“When we told the client that they could have hosting for all 26 sites on Amazon Web Services (AWS) along with a WordPress CMS and a fully managed MySQL database, at a lower price than they were paying for their old content management system, that was a very satisfying moment. Both the marketing team and the IT department would be able to achieve their objectives, at a lower ongoing cost and with a far more future-proofed solution.”

In simple terms, it meant our client could have the branding and the ability to edit content that is essential to any modern B2B marketing team, whilst also reducing their hosting, server and storage costs.

Our client had excellent brand guidelines and we used them to develop the look and feel of the new websites. Our key mantra here was flexibility and the WordPress site we created offers text, image, call to action (CTA) boxes, forms, along with a wide range of other content types. These can be combined and ordered in an almost infinite number of ways, while maintaining a consistent visual, easy to use, customer experience.

The client’s Head of IT explains:

“The cloud allows us to deliver cost effective solutions quickly and to automatically scale-up to meet our customer demand. We have also laid the foundations for any future cloud projects which will, like this one, increase effectiveness and reduce ongoing costs.”

Their Marketing Manager added:

“We now have a much more flexible and editable content management system. That is essential for a marketing team who are hands-on and looking to react quickly. Our IFAs can also adapt their own content much more easily, so we’re providing a better service to our partners.”

Moving forward the AWS platform will give our client the flexibility to move more quickly on future projects and reduce costs further, thereby increasing their competitiveness in the marketplace.

Our client has opted for a service management contract with us which means that if they require any additional work, training for new team members or help with any other aspect of the system, then they can rely on an instant and expert response.

Our client’s Marketing Manager said:

“I want my team to focus on lead generation, customer experience and partner relationships. From the first time we saw the new content management system we felt confident using it, even before we looked at the comprehensive training guides that Alscient put together for us. The managed service means that if we have a new requirement then we can get a fast response and that enables us to be responsive to marketplace activity which is essential for us.”


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