AWS: Flexibility Redefined

We are getting very excited by Amazon Web Services. Understanding our customers’ business needs and delivering the best solution is what we’re good at and we keep finding that AWS is the perfect answer to many of their technical problems.

Most recently we’ve been able to recommend it for:

  • A disaster recovery solution, using AWS as the replication target.
  • A data back-up to the cloud, which can be implemented in days rather than weeks.
  • A hybrid solution of cloud and traditional on premise servers. This might be the starting point of an eventual migration to a full cloud implementation.
  • A data warehouse and analytics tool.

As the market leading cloud infrastructure solution (in 2015 Gartner listed AWS as a leader in their IaaS magic quadrant for the 5th year running) you would expect the Amazon Web Services stats to be impressive but just what differentiates them from their competitors?

  • Elasticity of the service i.e. it grows to meet the capacity required by your business.
  • Payment for the service is on demand and only for what you use.
  • Flexibility to implement tailored offerings without a huge investment.
  • Quality and quantity of technology partners, providing a huge selection of services. These range from analytics and business intelligence, through desktop virtualization and email, to gaming engines and an Internet of Things Platform.

And it’s not just the stats that are impressive, the list of companies hosting their platforms on AWS is just as convincing. It includes Netflix, Spotify, Pfizer, The Guardian and AirBnB to name a few. Click here for fascinating case studies across every industry and size of business.

As an AWS Partner, we understand that using AWS to support your business no matter how big or small can transform your business and save money quickly. Click here to find out what we could do for you.

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